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Canada's Peer-to-Peer Fashion Rentals

Rent designer fashion for a fraction of the retail price. Make money on your closet and borrow from local lenders.

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What is Something To Wear?

Something to Wear is a community-driven platform facilitating fashion rental and lending, allowing individuals to access designer clothing affordably while reducing environmental impact. By connecting closets within the community, it promotes sustainability, fosters financial responsibility, and significantly decreases clothing waste, contributing to a more environmentally conscious and connected fashion ecosystem.

How to Rent

How to borrow from the closets in your area

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1. Browse Listings

Discover listings in your area and refine your search by price, availability, colour, or clothing type. Alternatively, search by designer or specific closet owners.

2. Request the Rental

Select your preferred rental days and submit your request. Please note, there's a minimum rental period of 4 days. For longer rentals, contact the lender directly to inquire about pricing for 1-week or 2-week+ rentals. Use this opportunity to ask any questions about rental, delivery, or care instructions.

3. Confirm Payment

After confirmation, your payment is securely processed. For added protection, your payment information is stored by our secure third-party payment platform until 48 hours after the garment's return, ensuring safety for both buyers and lenders.

4. Receive Rental

If you are receiving the item via shipment, the lender will provide tracking details. Should the garment not fit or any issues arise, file a claim within 24 hours of receipt. On the final rental day, repackage the garment and use the provided return label for shipping. Don't forget to share your experience and leave a review!

How To Lend

How to post your clothes for others to rent

Post New Listing

1. Post a new listing

Initiate a detailed listing by:

  • Including all requested garment details and any pre-existing damage or modifications.
  • Providing photos of you in the garment and clear images of the item, emphasizing the condition.
  • Composing a comprehensive description including relevant information, such as the original item cost.
  • Note the pricing is by day, but we require a 4-day minimum for bookings. We recommend including the pricing for 7 day and 2 weeks in the description.
  • Avoid providing your personal address; instead, offer a location where you're comfortable meeting for in-person pickup with the renter.

2. Review Requests

Upon receiving a request for your item, you'll be notified via email and can discuss the rental through our chat feature. You have the option to accept or decline requests. If a renter seeks adjusted pricing for longer term rentals, modify the item's daily rate, prompting them to re-request the item. Once accepted, revert the item price to its original listing.

3. Send Rental

If shipping the rental, dispatch the item to arrive either on the day before or on the rental start date. Include a return label in the package for the renter's convenience. Refer to our shipping guide below for assistance:

Shipping Guide

4. Receive, Clean and Repeat Rental

After the item is returned, inspect and clean it to ensure it's rental-ready. Should any concerns arise regarding the garment's condition upon return, first, communicate with the renter to resolve the issue. If no resolution is reached, contact us at for further assistance. Renters are responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the garment based on the damage incurred. Read more on our FAQ page.