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Deciding on a Shipping Method

When you list the items, you have the ability to specify whether the package is available for pick-up or shipping. If you select shipping, we're here to help you with your options! As we do not provide shipping labels (yet), we want to help make the process of creating a label as easy as possible! There are two options depending on where you're located. If you are located in a downtown area ie. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, you can do same day courier services! If you are located a bit farther, we recommend Canada Post. We strive to be environmentally conscious, so when possible, pick-ups can be used for a free and efficient solution.

How to use a Courier Service

Located within Toronto? We recommend A-Way Express for affordable same-day deliveries. Rates starting at $9. If you do use the courier service to deliver, schedule a pick-up on the last day of the rental and communicate the details with the renter, or include a return label in the package.

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How to Ship

1. Create an account on Canada Post

Take 2 minutes and set up an account to create shipments.

Canada Post

2. Create Shipment

  1. Once on the homepage, go to "Tools" -> "Ship Online" -> "Create New Shipment"
  2. Input the delivery address
  3. Fill out the packaging details
  4. Select the shipping method and click continue

3. Check Out and Print Label

Check out for the delivery shipping, save and print the label.

4. Create Return Label

Repeat step 2 for the return label, with the starting destination of the renter and delivery address to you. Check-out, save and print this label to include in the package. Save this label with the tracking number so you can check the status once the renter ships the return to you.